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Last update in 13/Dec/2022

Who is?

Dionisio Nhadelo is a Mozambican citizen born in Maputo province on June 21st of 1994. His school journey started in a school not far from home, where he did study from grade 1 to 7. After that he moved to a high school named Matola Secondary School (Escola Secundaria da Matola, in Portuguese), where he did study from grade 8 to 12.

He has always been interested in STEMs, this interest increased while in college attending scientific talks. He developed much interest in Data Science, Astronomy and Astrophysics. He is a former student from Physics Department, Faculty of Science at Eduardo Mondlane University where he did get his BSc in Atmospheric Science.

While working on his last year project, he was part of DARA Project on it’s Cohort-2 for Mozambique, where he had a basic training in Radio Astronomy, Astrophysics and computing. This project was held in Maputo at Eduardo Mondlane University and HarTRAO, South Africa. He is currently engaged in learning new technologies related to Data Science and applying for scholarships programs to pursue his studies to a PG level.


2019 DARA Students

Dionisio and Ramiro Saide were tutors of the first event of DARA BIG DATA HACKATHON in Mozambique, they did organize and run it with a huge support and collaboration of PhD Cláudio Moisés Paulo from Eduardo Mondlane University, PhD Nikhita Madhanpall from SAAO and Ms Linzi Stirrup from University of Manchester.

Tutors For the HACKATHON

Dionisio & Ramiro

After the great success of the hackathon, Dionisio was invited to work as tutor in the DARA Project. Not alone, he worked as tutor for High Performance Computing (HPC), introduction to Linux command line, bash scripting and for an introduction in Python programming for the Mozambican cohort 3 DARA students, as well to assist the Data Redaction and Imaging unit tutored by PhD James Chibueze, this opportunity was trusted by PhD Cláudio Moisés Paulo, coordinator of DARA Project in Mozambique.

2021 UEM, DARA Project

Linux & Python tutors